DIY – Moonrise Kingdom


1. Nautical bracelets from  2.  Fingerless mittens reminiscent of Bob Balaban’s  knit by Lori times 5  3. DIY Picinic Baskets from Oh Happy Day! 4. Knots – Monkey’s fist  5.  arrows – Love Struck Place Cards from Fellow Fellow   6. Gingersnaps by Smitten Kitchen  7. DIY Camera Night Light by Jayfish

I’m a little late to the Moonrise Kingdom game, I think I saw it on the last day it was in theatres. But, as with all Wes Anderson movies, I was struck by its strong aesthetic vision. And of course, how adorable the whole movie is. It tackles serious coming of age issues and pairs it with kittens, summer vacations and dancing in your underwear.

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